Types of Online Slots

There are hundreds of online slot games in the casino library you are sometimes confused about which one to play. These online slot games are of different types so you need to find one that suits your budget as well as your playing style. There are video slots, 5 reel slots, 3 reel slots, 3 D slots, classic slots and progressive slots.

One important aspect of selecting a slot game to play online is going to have a playing format that you are comfortable playing, some online slots are designed as low variance slot games meaning you will spin in lower valued winning payouts than higher paying ones, and some online slots are designed the other way round and these are known as high variance slots.

You may be attracted to play one particular slot game due to its theme, the bonus games or a whole host of other features that any one slot game has to offer.

There are a whole host of unique types of bonus games round and base game features that can be awarded to you when playing some online slots, and by selecting a slot that triggers its respective bonus games more regularly than others you really will be getting a much more entertaining type of slot playing session.

How do online slots work?

The main aim when playing online slot games is to create winning combinations along one of the pay lines. You place your bet and spin the reels. If the winning combination appears, you win. Your winnings depend on the winning combination that you’ve managed to create.


To increase your chances of winning, you can bet your money on multiple pay lines. You’ll only receive points when a combination of symbols falls on pay lines. The more pay lines you bet on, the greater the chance is that a combination will land on one. The number of pay lines differs from slot to slot. This can range from one to dozens of paylines.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols make playing slots even more enjoyable. These, as the name suggests, offer extra bonuses. Different slot machines may have different bonus symbols. There are two standard symbols: the wild, and the scatter symbol.

Wild Symbol

This symbol can replace another symbol. This means that the chances of forming a winning combination are higher. The way this symbol looks differs from slot to slot. A wild symbol cannot, however, replace another bonus symbol.

Scatter Symbol

This symbol can initiate free spin modes.  Depending on the slot machine and the number of scatter symbols, you can sometimes receive up to 50 free spins. This means you’ll be gambling for free! Scatter symbols can also yield big wins by multiplying your bet with other factors.

Bonus games

Video slots often contain a bonus game. These enable you to win more points by interactively playing a game. To get to the bonus game, you need to collect bonus symbols. These can be the scatter symbols, or another bonus symbol. The number of bonus symbols requires differs from slot to slot. Sometimes it’s possible during a bonus game to win a progressive jackpot.

Classic slots versus video slots

Online slots have more to offer than slots in offline casinos. This is how classic slots and video slots differ from each other. There are a couple of important differences between these two types of slot machines:

With a classic slot, the symbols appear as regular images. By contrast, in a video slot, the symbols can also consist of animations. This means that watching the reels spin can be nice.

Classic slots often have a classic look, whereas video slots have a modern look with many audio effects and special themes.

A video slot often has a bonus mode as a little extra. Here you can interactively win more points. Also, a video slot often has more pay lines than a classic slot.

You will find some online casinos offer an instant play suite of slot games which you access and play via HTML 5 powered gaming platform on your mobile or web browser be it chrome or safari, and some casinos offer a fully downloadable gaming platform and these sites are the ones offering the largest and most diverse range of online slots.

Real Money Online Slots or Free Slots

At online casinos, you have the choice to play real money online slots or free slots. Real money slots require you to make a real cash deposit at the casino before you begin to play and if you win you get back real wins or real money as wins.

Free slots mean these are all free to play. You needn’t make any deposit at the online casino but simply pick up your gaming device and start to play free slots for as long as you want. The free slots have built free credits which you use to play. Only thing is that you don’t win any real money playing them but win free credits to play more.

You can play free slots to understand the game and then easily switch to real money online slots whenever you want.

Remember that progressive Jackpot online slots are not free to play and require real money to play.