Mount Olympus Slot Game

Mount Olympus Slot Game
Mount Olympus Slot Game

As per Greek mythology, the hero Perseus beheads the evil Medusa before she converts him into stone with a single glance. It is time now for her to take her revenge.

Mount Olympus

The Revenge of Medusa is a video slot game by Genesis Gaming that provides you with a unique opportunity to experience an alternative take on a famous ancient legend. Help Medusa get her revenge over mankind, team up with poisonous snakes and hit the jackpot. This might sound easy, but you will need a few guidelines to make the best out of this epic game.


1. Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus- Mount Olympus slot game

The Revenge of Medusa takes place in an undisclosed location, a secret refuge where Medusa is planning her revenge.

In terms of graphics, the game sets the bar quite high. With a starry night sky, trees and boulders, the entrance of a deep and mysterious cave and so on, the background is rich in high-definition details that players will certainly enjoy looking at.

The stone-framed reels might be the main component of the game, but Mount Olympus: The Revenge of Medusa also manages to create a beautiful décor to compliment them and give the game a little more depth.

2. Start your ascent -Mount Olympus slot game

Start your ascent
Start your ascent- Mount Olympus slot game

Defeating humanity and taking over the world is no easy task. Here are the basic rules of the game.

The game matrix offers you 5 reels with three symbol positions on each and 25 paylines in total. You can win a cash prize every time specific combinations of identical symbols land on activated paylines.

As for the size of the rewards, it will depend on the symbols and the size of your initial wager. Use the command bar at the bottom of the game screen in order to adjust your bet settings for the next turn, and click spin when you are ready. Alternatively, the bet max button will let you go all-in on all-paylines at once, if you feel like adding a little thrill to the game.

For faster gameplay, simply turn on the autoplay mode. The game will switch to autopilot to let the reels spin loose, with a constant bet.

3. The paytable of Mount Olympus

The paytable of Mount Olympus
The paytable of Mount Olympus- Mount Olympus slot game

The Mount Olympus slot game contains 10 basic reel symbols, most of them being classic card icons. Ranging from the number 9 to the Ace, these symbols do not bring much excitement or originality to the game despite the new, customised font they use. They are the most common on the reels but only yield modest wins when combined.

This leaves only a little place for more original reel symbols. The potion, the sword and the snake eye icons are all worth over 100 times your starting bet when combined in long combinations, but you will have relatively few occasions to line them up.

Medusa herself is the most valuable symbol on the list, worth 1000 times your bet for a five-symbol combination. Luck will have to play its part here, but the game also includes a few bonuses that spice things up and can turn the table in the players’ favour.

Special features

Special features
Special features- Mount Olympus slot game

If you are alert, you will have a chance to spot the two special symbols Mount Olympus slot game spinning on the reels.

The first one of them is the usual wild card. Use it to replace any basic symbol as listed previously and score more wins, which will also be double every time a wild symbol is used to complete them.

Finally, the scatter symbol is the game logo and you can use it to score a small cash prize regardless of its position on the reels. Besides, three or more scatters initiate the game’s bonus feature. Choose a snake to reveal the number of wild reels you get to use throughout the course of the following 5 free spins.

Side with the villain and win big

Mount Olympus: The Revenge of Medusa is just as epic a slot game as its lengthy title suggests. Apart from the generous bonus features and the exciting universe, the uninspired paytable is a bit of a letdown.

More original reel symbols could have created a deeper game universe, instead of relying on the usual card symbols so heavily.


This is everything there is to know about the Mount Olympus slot game. We hope you enjoy the experience of witnessing it for the first time.