Phantom Cash Slot Game

Phantom Cash Slot Game
Phantom Cash Slot Game

Turn off the lights and watch out for the slot with a pillow to hide behind, because this slot machine is going to scare the bejesus out of you! With a whole host of ghoulish characters and some freaky special effects, the Phantom Cash slot game is certainly not one for the scaredy cats out there, but it might just reward those players who are brave enough to confront it.


“Phantom Cash” is a ghostly-themed slot game that takes players on a haunting adventure alongside two Victorian-era ghost hunters. The game features eerie visuals, spooky sound effects, and thrilling gameplay. Here’s an overview of the key features typically found in the “Phantom Cash” slot game:

  1. Theme and Graphics: The game is set in a Victorian-era haunted mansion, where players join two ghost hunters, Thurmingham and Carstairs, on their quest to capture ghosts. The visuals are dark and mysterious, creating a spooky atmosphere that adds to the game’s theme.
  2. Reels and Paylines: “Phantom Cash” usually features a standard video slot format with five reels and a varying number of paylines, commonly ranging from 25 to 50. Players can adjust the number of active paylines per spin.
  3. Ghost Symbols: The symbols in the game revolve around the ghost-hunting theme. Players can expect to encounter various ghost characters, the two ghost hunters, and other ghost-hunting tools and equipment on the reels.
  4. Wild Symbols: Thurmingham and Carstairs, the ghost hunters themselves, often serve as the Wild symbols. These special symbols can substitute for other symbols (excluding Scatters) to help form winning combinations.
  5. Scatter Symbols: The game may include Scatter symbols represented by haunted mansions. Landing a certain number of these symbols anywhere on the reels can trigger various bonus features.
  6. Ghost Zap Feature: One of the unique features in “Phantom Cash” is the Ghost Zap Feature. During this feature, the ghost hunters zap ghosts on the same horizontal line, awarding a prize for each ghost caught. This feature can lead to exciting rewards and increased payouts.
  7. Free Spins: When players land three or more Scatter symbols, it can trigger the Free Spins feature. The number of free spins awarded can vary, and during this round, wins might be multiplied, leading to more significant rewards.
  8. Gamble Feature: Some versions of the game may offer a Gamble feature, where players can potentially double or quadruple their winnings by correctly guessing the colour or suit of a card.

Pros and Cons


  1. Ghostly Theme: The haunting Victorian-era ghost-hunting theme adds a unique and immersive atmosphere to the game. Players who enjoy spooky and eerie themes may find “Phantom Cash” appealing.
  2. Ghost Zap Feature: The Ghost Zap Feature is a distinctive and entertaining aspect of the game. Zapping ghosts for prizes adds an interactive element to the gameplay, making it more engaging.
  3. Free Spins and Multipliers: The opportunity to trigger free spins and win multipliers during bonus rounds can lead to exciting gameplay and the potential for more substantial payouts.
  4. Wild Symbols: The presence of Wild symbols (the ghost hunters) can increase winning chances by substituting for other symbols, helping form more winning combinations.


  1. Outdated Information: Since my last update in September 2021, developments might have occurred, including changes or updates to the game’s features, graphics, or availability.
  2. Gambling Risks: As with any slot game, “Phantom Cash” involves gambling risks. Players should always play responsibly and be aware that outcomes are based on luck and chance.
  3. Limited Availability: Depending on your location and the online casinos you have access to, “Phantom Cash” might not be available in all jurisdictions, limiting some players’ ability to play the game.

Visuals and Sound Effects


  1. Ghostly Theme: As mentioned earlier, “Phantom Cash” revolves around a ghost-hunting theme set in a Victorian-era haunted mansion. The visuals are likely to be dark and mysterious, creating an eerie atmosphere.
  2. Haunted Mansion Setting: The background of the game is likely to showcase a spooky and haunted mansion with dimly lit rooms, creepy corridors, and eerie details, adding to the haunted ambience.
  3. Ghost Characters: The symbols on the reels might include various ghost characters, each with its unique appearance and design. Expect to see translucent, spectral figures representing different types of ghosts.
  4. Ghost Hunters: The two ghost hunters, Thurmingham and Carstairs, are likely to feature prominently in the visuals. They may appear as animated characters on the screen, interacting with the game events, such as zapping ghosts during the Ghost Zap Feature.
  5. Animations: The game might include animated sequences, such as the Ghost Zap Feature, where the ghost hunters zap ghosts with their equipment. These animations aim to enhance the gaming experience and bring the theme to life.

Sound Effects

  1. Eerie Music: The background music is likely to be haunting and atmospheric, setting the tone for the spooky theme. It might include eerie melodies, ghostly whispers, and other chilling sounds that match the haunted setting.
  2. Ghostly Sound Effects: When the reels spin and the ghost characters land on winning combinations, expect ghostly sound effects, such as ethereal sounds, howls, and other supernatural noises that emphasize the ghost-hunting theme.
  3. Interactive Elements: During the Ghost Zap Feature and other bonus rounds, players might hear specific sound effects related to the actions of the ghost hunters and their equipment, further immersing them in the gameplay.
  4. Winning Celebrations: When players hit winning combinations or trigger bonus features, the game may celebrate with fanfare, cheers, or other sounds to add excitement and satisfaction.


Theme- Phantom Cash Slot Game

Phantom Cash is a 5-reel, 25 pay line slot machine from Microgaming that will take you on a haunted house adventure set during the Victorian era. Your guides for the journey are the esteemed ghost hunters, Thurmingham and Carstairs. These two olden time ghostbusters are also wild cards, so keep your peepers on the lookout for them during the game. The game also includes a Ghost Zap Feature, which gives you the chance to win big while laying those fiendish ghouls to rest once and for all. The available coin bet sizes are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 0.10 and 0.25.


There are four grisly ghosts in total and each one glows in a different ghastly colour. The lowest valued ghoul is the blue ghost, then green, followed by yellow and finally red. This undead scarlet pimpernel is the slot’s second most valuable icon as it is worth 20,000 coins when 5 appear after wagering the maximum bet.

Gameplay and Wild

Gameplay and Wild
Gameplay and Wild- Phantom Cash Slot Game

Whenever the ghost symbols line up on a pay line, they will come to jump out of the screen by performing animated actions.
The duo of ghost hunters Thurmingham and Carstairs will provide some much-needed respite from the gruesome ghosts by acting as the game’s wild cards. These wilds only appear on reels 1 and 5, but they will substitute for the game’s ordinary symbols to fill winning pay lines. If that wasn’t enough to calm your shaken nerves, then these characters will also double the normal winning amount whenever they fill in.


There is one symbol that these wilds won’t fill in for and that is the haunted house icon. This is the game’s scatter card, which means that it will pay out whenever 3 or more appear regardless of whether they line up on a pay line. Three or more of these haunted houses will unlock the Ghost Zap side game.

Bonus and paylines

Bonus and paylines-Phantom Cash Slot Game
Bonus and paylines- Phantom Cash Slot Game

The aim of Phantom Cash Slot Game is to line up the ghost symbols on the same rows as Thurmingham and Carstairs and thus zap them into oblivion. Every successful capture will double the total triggering bet, but you can quadruple this amount by finding a row that lines up a ghost with both characters. This bonus game will continue until you have captured 8 ghosts and the “Ghost Meter” reaches 0.

With a sufficient number of paylines in this game, you will find that every spin is filled with thrill and excitement. There are two wild cards – both of which will double wins – and the bonus side game adds an electric element to the normal gameplay, not to mention a nice boost to your winnings.

Ghoulish Good Fun

If you are a fan of the macabre, you must let Phantom Cash Slot Game give you the spooks. The game has a sufficient number of paylines to keep make sure that every spin is filled with thrill and excitement. There are two wild cards – both of which will double wins – and the bonus side game adds an electric element to the normal gameplay, not to mention a nice boost to your winnings.

However, this Phantom Cash Slot Game has over superb demonstration to provide to eager reel spinners. There is a single free spins bonus together with up to multipliers along with the chance of rounds. Using two wilds to substitute in paying combinations increases the game’s allure and potential. The sole drawback is that the wilds are limited to substituting on the initial and the reels

Payouts and Volatility


  1. Payout Percentage (Return to Player – RTP): The payout percentage, also known as the RTP, represents the percentage of all wagered money that a slot game is expected to pay back to players over time. For example, if a slot game has an RTP of 95%, it means that, on average, for every $100 wagered, players can expect to receive $95 in winnings over the long run. Keep in mind that this is an average, and individual sessions can result in higher or lower returns.
  2. Paytable: Each slot game has a paytable that outlines the payouts for different winning combinations. The paytable displays the value of each symbol and the corresponding payouts for landing specific combinations on active paylines.
  3. Jackpots: Some slot games, including “Phantom Cash,” might offer progressive jackpots or fixed jackpots. Progressive jackpots grow with each bet placed until a lucky player hits the jackpot, while fixed jackpots have a predetermined, non-changing payout for specific combinations.


Volatility, also known as variance, refers to the level of risk and the frequency of winning in a slot game:

  1. Low Volatility: In games with low volatility, players can expect more frequent small wins. These games tend to provide a steady stream of lower-value payouts, making them suitable for players who prefer longer gaming sessions and smaller, more consistent wins.
  2. High Volatility: Games with high volatility offer larger payouts but less frequently. Players might experience longer periods without wins, followed by occasional substantial payouts. High-volatility games are more suitable for players seeking the excitement of bigger rewards, even if it means enduring some dry spells in between wins.

Assessment and Recommendations

“Phantom Cash” is likely to appeal to players who enjoy spooky and ghost-themed slot games. The Victorian-era haunted mansion setting, along with the ghost hunters and eerie visuals, create a chilling and atmospheric experience for players seeking a thrilling adventure.

The Ghost Zap Feature, where players zap ghosts for prizes, adds an interactive and entertaining element to the gameplay, enhancing the overall engagement. Additionally, the opportunity to trigger free spins and win multipliers during the bonus rounds provides excitement and the potential for significant rewards.

As a Microgaming title, “Phantom Cash” is likely to have high-quality graphics and animations, ensuring a visually appealing gaming experience.

If you enjoy ghostly and haunting themes with interactive gameplay features, “Phantom Cash” could be an excellent choice for you. To make the most of your gaming experience, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Research the Game: Before playing “Phantom Cash,” research the game’s rules, paytable, and bonus features. Understanding how the Ghost Zap Feature and free spins work will help you make strategic decisions during gameplay.
  2. Budget and Gamble Responsibly: Set a budget for your gaming session and stick to it. Slot games are games of chance, and it’s crucial to play responsibly and avoid wagering more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Try the Demo Version: If available, try the free play or demo version of “Phantom Cash” first. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and features without risking real money.
  4. Choose a Reputable Casino: Select a reputable and licensed online casino to ensure fair gaming practices and a secure gaming environment.
  5. Explore Similar Games: If you enjoy the ghostly theme and interactive gameplay, consider exploring other ghost-themed slot games or games with engaging bonus features.


1. What is Phantom Cash Slot Game?

Phantom Cash is an online slot game developed by Microgaming with a ghostly Victorian-era theme. Players join two ghost hunters on a haunting adventure in a haunted mansion to capture ghosts and win prizes.

2. How do I play Phantom Cash?

Playing Phantom Cash is simple. Set your preferred bet amount and the number of active paylines. Click the spin button to start the reels, and if matching symbols land on active paylines, you win prizes according to the game’s paytable.

3. What are the special symbols in Phantom Cash?

Phantom Cash features special symbols such as the ghost hunters Thurmingham and Carstairs, who act as Wild symbols. They can substitute for other symbols (except Scatters) to create winning combinations. The haunted mansion Scatter symbol triggers bonus features.

4. What are the bonus features in Phantom Cash?

Phantom Cash offers a unique Ghost Zap Feature where ghost hunters zap ghosts on the same horizontal line, awarding prizes for each ghost caught. The game also includes a Free Spins feature, triggered by landing Scatter symbols, which awards free spins with possible multipliers for wins.

5. Is Phantom Cash available on mobile devices?

Yes, many Microgaming slot games, including Phantom Cash, are designed to be mobile-friendly. You can enjoy the game on various smartphones and tablets for gaming on the go.

6. What is the RTP of Phantom Cash?

The Return to Player (RTP) of Phantom Cash may vary depending on the casino and game version. As of my last update in September 2021, I don’t have the specific RTP value for this game. Check the paytable or the casino’s information for the most up-to-date RTP.

7. Is Phantom Cash a high-volatility or low-volatility game?

Phantom Cash’s volatility (variance) can differ between versions. Some players might find it to be a high-volatility game, which means wins may be less frequent but potentially more substantial. However, this may vary, so refer to the game rules or casino for specific details.

8. Can I play Phantom Cash for free?

Many online casinos offer a demo or free play version of Phantom Cash, allowing players to try the game without wagering real money. This is a great way to get familiar with the gameplay and features before playing with real funds.

9. Is Phantom Cash available in my country?

The availability of Phantom Cash may vary depending on your location and the online casinos you have access to. Check with your chosen casino to see if the game is accessible in your country.

10. Can I win real money playing Phantom Cash?

Yes, when playing Phantom Cash with real money bets, you have the chance to win real money based on the game’s paytable and outcomes. Remember to gamble responsibly and within your budget.


In conclusion, “Phantom Cash” is a captivating online slot game developed by Microgaming, featuring a ghostly Victorian-era theme set in a haunted mansion. Players embark on a thrilling ghost-hunting adventure alongside two brave ghost hunters, Thurmingham and Carstairs, with the chance to win prizes through various special symbols and bonus features.

The game’s unique Ghost Zap Feature, where players zap ghosts for prizes, adds an interactive and engaging element to the gameplay, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Additionally, the Free Spins feature, triggered by the haunted mansion Scatter symbols, offers the potential for more significant rewards and increased excitement.