Sweet Harvest Slot Game

Sweet Harvest Slot Game
Sweet Harvest Slot Game

If you really love fresh fruits and veggies then Sweet Harvest Slot Game is the best game to play and start instant harvesting. This slot game from Microgaming features 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and behind the reels is a green landscape of neatly organized fields and small woods, with a bright sun rising in the distance.

On top of all this, a combination of three or more Barn will award you 12 Free Spins, during which the Farm Boy and Girl will also act as Wilds. Should these two appear next to each other during the Free Spins, all your wins will be immediately multiplied by two.

Sweet Harvest by Microgaming is a great way to reap the fruits of your hard labor and enjoy an online video slot game with an amazing, well-designed environment.

This game features 5 reels and 20 pay lines, a classic and intuitive theme for most players. Newbies will not find any trouble wrapping their heads around the game commands either and will be able to secure sizeable wins in no time!

It is time to head to the fields and start harvesting. Here are the features of this slot!

Features Sweet Harvest Slot Game:

1. Countryside Feeling

Countryside Feeling
Countryside Feeling- Sweet Harvest slot game

Microgaming has done a lot of effort to make the design appealing, and it clearly shows prima facie. First of all, online slots and farming are not exactly like two universes that can converge easily, but so is the ground of Sweet Harvest nonetheless. As a player, you won’t be harvesting grain but mountains of cash instead!

Behind the 5 reels is a green landscape of well-organized fields and small woods, with a bright sun rising at a distance. The colors are vibrant without being too cartoonish, giving the game an alight vintage and old-school atmosphere, which is quite in tune with the general theme.

The overall impression is pleasant, and not that extraordinary. Some animations complement the game and a slightly pumped-up country-inspired soundtrack plays as the reels spin. Every detail has been tested to be coherent with the theme, which is worth mentioning given it is so far away from the common slot themes.

2. Fields of Gold

Sweet Harvest Slot Game
Sweet Harvest Slot Game

Harvesting the fields made it easy. The commands in Sweet Harvest Slot Game are easy and are straight to the point. Everything takes place at the bottom of the game screen, right under the reels. The coin display keeps track of the total amount of gold you are bringing into the game, while the bet section a little further lets you determine how many of these coins you want to bet on the next spin. Do not pay much attention to the pay lines, as all 20 of them are automatically selected.

What is left to do is just hit the Spin button and watch the action take place. The Win section will display the total amount of coins won from all the combinations you scored in the last spin. Another way to play is to set the harvester on Autoplay mode, and simply sit back and watch as the machine does all the spinning.

3. A Horn of Plenty

A horn of plenty
A horn of plenty- Sweet Harvest slot game

There are many reel symbols to watch spin around in Sweet Harvest Slot Game, 13 in total altogether. The lowest end of the paytable will be familiar to most gamblers as it is directly inspired by classic card games, beginning with the number 10 and continuing until the Ace. These first symbols are not of much worth, but lining up three of them several times on screen can result in major wins!

We continue our journey upward with farming and countryside-related symbols: ripe Corn, juicy Pumpkins, a Farmer, a Farm Boy, and Farm Girl. All are quite consistent with the game’s atmosphere and come with logical symbol choices, but there is more to Sweet Harvest than what you can see – especially with what the last icons bring to the game.

4. Perfect Conditions For a Bountiful Season

Perfect conditions for a bountiful season
Perfect conditions for a bountiful season- Sweet Harvest slot game

Start with the overflowing Basket symbol, which can only appear on reels 2 or 4 to trigger the Harvest Bonus, which is a random cash prize. It is quite simple but efficient! Then move on to the Sweet Harvest Slot Game Harvest logo, which is just the Wild card of the game and will substitute for all other symbols to multiply your chances of winning, except for the Basket and Barn symbol, which we will come to next.

And there is a lot to say about this Barn. First of all, it is a Scatter type symbol, and, therefore, pay lines do not matter in its case. Just showing up on screen after the reels have stopped spinning is sufficient, and you are a winner starting with only two Barns! To be more specific, Barns will first appear only on reels 1 and 2, which will then be held into place while the other reels spin again. One more free chance at scoring a big win!

To top it all, a fusion of three or more Barn will award you 12 Free Spins, during which the Farm Boy and Girl will also act as Wilds. Should these two appear next to each other during the Free Spins, all your wins will be instantly multiplied by two.

Good Ol’ Country Fun

Good Ol’ country fun
Good Ol’ country fun- Sweet Harvest slot game

This slot features an original game theme and many odds to win a basket full of gold while having fun with the Extra Spins and their extra opportunities.


You might not find the idea of a farm universe best for a slot machine game, but it would not be possible to dismiss Sweet Harvest without giving it a good try! You can find the game in free-play mode and cash format at the well-reviewed Jackpot City Ireland Casino.