Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

Triple Pocket Holdem Poker

Microgaming brings you it’s exciting yet sophisticated version of the all-time favourite Texas Hold ‘Em style of poker. Microgaming’s Triple Pocket Hold ‘Em Poker game features sharp detailed graphics and realistic simulation sounds that projects it as a real-time poker game. Experience playing poker as you are seemingly teleported to the prestigious tables of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas as you play on your smartphone or tablet.

Triple Pocket Holdem Poker lets players enjoy a great game of poker on a light green table with a marbled wooden edge and a leather trim. Microgaming’s developers have created this game with intricate detail that lets players experience a life-like poker game. The details of this game stretch from the texture of the poker table to the detailed poker chips.

Play your game of poker on a light green table with a marbled wooden edge and a leather trim. The developers have gone to great lengths to create intricate detail in this game ensuring you’re never disappointed. Even the chips have been perfectly rendered and detailed to give a realistic look.

The Gameplay

The concept of Triple Pocket Holdem Poker is very basic. Players play against the Dealer using a standard 52-card deck. Players may choose to discard the first, or the first 2 hands of pocket cards dealt to you that will then go to the Dealer. The goal here is to hold a hand higher than both the Dealer’s.

Microgaming’s Triple Pocket Holdem Poker offers great graphics and superb sound effects, but this game is very interactive as well. Triple Pocket Hold ‘Em Poker enables players to simply pick up a desired chip and place it on the table, unlike other online table games that obliges you to toggle up and down on a simple coin meter to choose the size of chips. The gameplay simply is delightful and realistic for poker aficionados.

The great thing about this game is that it will tell poker enthusiasts and newbies what each hand constitutes and who wins. It’s important to read the game rules as well. The straight flush will consist of the ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 of the same suit. The payout for this hand is 50:1. The payouts of a slot game run from this top station to 1:1 for a simple one pair hand.

The Verdict

Triple Pocket Holdem Poker is a gem of game. Microgaming didn’t only make another poker game, but came out with a game that all online table games should emulate. Sharp detailed graphics and realistic sound effects truly complement the interactive style of gameplay. We recommend this game not only to poker fans but poker newbies as well.

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