Electro Bingo

electro bingo

Microgaming’s Electro Bingo will transport you to the ’70’s disco era with its flamboyant and psychedelic take on the game we all love to play. Electro Bingo is packed with single-tube neon signs. It uses glowing green bingo balls that show up from the screen. This version of bingo sports a flashy interface which enhances the gameplay compared to standard online bingo games.

Electro Bingo allows players to play up to 4 cards per game starting from £1 to £5. You can casually play or test the game for .1 credits. Raise the stakes to 20 credits if you’re feeling lucky. Every card consists of 15 numbers which includes the option to change cards before the start of the game.

Match your cards to the any of the 14 patterns for a winning combination. The top prize is 20,000 times your stake on a full bingo card. Electro Bingo also offers a generous 100,000 credits if you play at the maximum bet.

The Gameplay


Electro Bingo is fairly easy to learn and play. You have cards with 15 numbers in 3 rows of 5. The game of bingo has 60 numbered balls. Choose how many cards to play and the amount of wager then click the play button. It activates the hopper and releases the 30 green balls into the viewing area at the bottom of the screen. Once the neon green balls drop, it will go through your cards and tabulates of there are number matches. Number matches will be added to your balance.

The game also offers a second chance when you are just 1 number from making a match. Players are alerted to the match. They are given an option of buying an extra ball. Players can buy up to 10 extra balls before the game concludes.

Electro Bingo has 14 different payout patterns. Players van win multiple times per game on single card as long as these patterns don’t intersect. Payout patterns start with 3x multiplier. It goes all the way up to 20,000 times multiplier for matching all numbers on a card with the first 30 balls.

The Verdict

Electro Bingo is a classic game enhanced by a futuristic interface. Its flamboyant graphics and techno-inspired sound effects complement the gameplay as well. A game of bingo requires minimal skill and strategy, Electro Bingo turns a classic game into a modern favourite. We recommend Electro Bingo for avid bingo players who want to energize their gaming experience.

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