Gambling in Ireland 101: What’s to Know About the Irish Gambling Industry

Trying your luck in Ireland? Here are gambling pointers to keep in mind.

Ireland Gambling

The Irish has been enjoying gambling as one of its favourite pastimes. All types of gambling and betting operations are legal in Ireland, it’s also considered to have been integrated to Ireland’s culture. While Ireland is well-known for greyhound racing and horserace betting activities, there are other forms of gambling such as online casinos and lotteries.

Bookmarkers, adjusting premises, and wagering have been regulated since the 18th century by a number of statutes and common law. Irish bettors enjoy all types of gambling such as sports betting, online casinos, and bingo games. Billions of Euros are spent by Irish citizens by playing online gambling games and land-based casino sites.

How Gambling was Made Legal in Ireland

The Gaming and Lotteries Act was established in 1956. The Irish government made casino gambling illegal since it wasn’t moderated for many years. The Act had loopholes which didn’t cover the concept of “private member gaming clubs” after casinos were deemed illegal. The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 is at the core of contemporary gaming and gambling legislation in the country.

These Irish gambling laws are considered obsolete compared to other countries. Technically, a casino industry doesn’t exist in Ireland. There are just two major categories of gambling operations, namely gaming and betting & lotteries. A fair legislature for both has been reviewed and great reforms have been panned out.


Ireland Lotto

Lotteries are also divided into two types. The first type would be associated with gaming that takes at travelling shows, circuses, and carnivals. The second type is related to the conventional operation gambling and games. Online gambling is spared from the Act of 1956 since it has yet to be revised. Lotteries are legal in Ireland to an extent; the Irish National Lottery is considered the most attractive lottery in the country which was established in the National Lottery Act of 1986. National lottery games are actually subjected to rules approved by the Minister of Finance.


The Betting Act of 1931 liberalized some aspects of its predecessor act of 1926. The latest Betting Act has made a number of prohibitions more lenient and relaxed. The act was established in order to regulate the widely-popular bookmaking industry in Ireland. A non-profit organization called Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland (GLAI) is currently supporting the implementation of an appropriate regulatory process in the Irish gambling industry.

Online Gambling

Irish Online Slot

Ireland is one of the first countries to have a liberated perspective when it comes to online gambling and casino operations. Online gambling in the country was legalized in 2003. After the first bookmaking portal was launched in 2004, more gambling operators followed suit which now comprises the Irish online gambling scene.

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