Winning Streak Fortune Makes a Mallow Woman Rich By €61,000

Winning Streak fortune makes a Mallow woman rich by €61,000
Winning Streak fortune makes a Mallow woman rich by €61,000

The 2019/20 season of the Winning Streak Fortune game show was concluded at RTÉ studios in Dublin in September 2020 as ten players took part in two separate game shows which paid out a total of €401,000 in cash prizes.

Among the big winners was Cork woman, Margaret Cafferkey from Mallow who was playing on behalf of her brother, Denny Hawe. Margaret swept aside her opponents and spun the wheel to amass a total of €61,000 in cash prizes.

Five of the selected players were originally due to appear on the Winning Streak Fortune TV Gameshow on Saturday 21st March 2020 but this was later postponed following government restrictions due to Covid-19. An additional five players from Cork, Dublin (2), Louth & Meath were later selected from a catch-all draw that recently took place at National Lottery HQ in Dublin.

Margaret Cafferkey From Mallow Won €61,000 In Cash Prizes

Margaret Cafferkey from Mallow won €61,000 in cash prizes
Margaret Cafferkey from Mallow won €61,000 in cash prizes- Winning Streak Fortune

Margaret Cafferkey stepped in for her brother Denny at Winning Streak Fortune and was more than happy to do her brother a good turn. She is a huge fan of the show and upon learning her brother’s name was one of the final five to be selected, she was a mix of shocked and excited at the same time. While Denny didn’t take to the Winning Streak stage, he was more than happy to watch his sister from the sidelines at RTE studios.

Margaret has three adult children of her own and seven grandchildren and in her spare time, she loves to go social dancing. She grew up in Mallow in Cork and as well as Denny she also has another brother Bertie.

The Winning Streak National Lottery game show is co-presented by Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy and features some perennial favourite games including Play or Pay, Roll for Riches, WinFall and Electric Dream – where one player is guaranteed to win an electric car worth €25,000.

Attendance at the two Winning Streak game shows was in strict adherence to Government guidelines and attendees only included players and the requisite National Lottery and KPMG personnel. Each participating player had the opportunity to play the full suite of Winning Streak games with the same prizes on offer, whilst at all times ensuring all social distancing and health and safety guidelines were followed. The National Lottery has confirmed that this event will not be broadcast on RTÉ television.

About Winning Streak Show In Ireland

Winning Streak TV Show Ireland
Winning Streak TV Show Ireland- Winning Streak Fortune

Winning Streak is an Irish television game show, Europe’s second-longest-running after the UK’s Countdown.  Aired weekly in Ireland, five contestants play a number of games to win cars, holidays, and cash prizes up to €500,000.

Broadcast on Saturday nights between early September and late May on RTÉ One, the game show is among the channel’s most popular programmes, often ranking among the top five in the ratings.

The show began on 21 September 1990 and has been hosted by popular television personalities Mike Murphy (1990–2001) and Derek Mooney (2001–2008). Prize money for the show is funded by the National Lottery, with entry to the game based on National Lottery scratchcards.

Since the show began in 1990, it has been produced in Studio 1 at the RTE Television Centre in Dublin.

Winning Streak National Lottery TV SHow
Winning Streak presenters Marty Whelan and Sinéad Kennedy

As ever one of the lucky five players will get the chance to spin the wheel and win up to €500,000. An exciting element of the show is that one €100,000 segment will be added to the Grand Prize Wheel every show if less than that amount was won in the previous show, improving players’ chances to win a massive prize.

A brand new-look Winning Streak scratch card is available in the 5,900 National Lottery retailers all over the country, as well as the chance to appear on the Winning Streak TV game show if you get three stars, players will also be in with a chance to win some great cash prizes up to €5,000. The odds for those who purchase a Winning Streak to win is 1 in 1.86 to win a cash or three-star prize. Players can also send their scratch card stubs to the National Lottery where each week, on the show, a player will be drawn as the winner of a Luxury Cruise for two valued at €5,000.

Nearly 30 cents in every €1 spent on Winning Streak and all National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, youth, health, welfare, education, arts, heritage and the Irish Language. In total, more than €5.4 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 32 years ago. In 2018 alone, more than €227 million was raised; the equivalent of €620,000 a day in support for local Good Causes in communities across Ireland.

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The 2019/20 season of the Winning Streak Fortune game show concluded at RTÉ studios in Dublin in September 2020, awarding a total of €401,000 in cash prizes to ten players across two separate game shows. Among the winners was Margaret Cafferkey from Mallow, who won a substantial €61,000 in cash prizes on behalf of her brother. The show, a popular Irish television game show, features various games and activities with the opportunity to win cars, holidays, and cash prizes. It has been a staple of Irish television since 1990 and continues to captivate audiences with its exciting format and generous rewards.