Arcade games that Irish punters love to play online


Arcade games

Arcade games are popular games played by Irish punters online. The remake of Final Fantasy VII has become one of the fastest-selling games of all-time more than 20 years after the original version came out, and Animal Crossing has gained a legion of fans. There’s a world of gaming beyond console games though, in puzzle apps, free online games and even advertising tie-ins such as the games created by Social Arcade. The company has made games for the likes of the Green Party, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Currys PC World and Creative Ireland to help them better promote themselves and their products.

According to news reports getting people to play the game repeatedly is a massive challenge, but Social Arcade in Ireland have been able to keep tens of thousands of users engaged for 15-20 minutes with their games — much longer than the average ad. The games can be embedded on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, in emails and reached via affiliate links as well as native apps and client landing pages.

The company makes puzzles and quizzes, casual games, reaction games, as well as new takes on classic retro arcade games and endless runners, all with a topical spin – like a ‘Beast from the East’ game where you have to catch loaves of bread released two years ago. Other favourites include one where you race the Popemobile through the Phoenix Park and a Donald Trump golfing game set in Doonbeg — all retaining a ‘casual, arcade-y’ feel to them.

Arcade games
Pope-mobile-arcade-game- Arcade games

Social Arcade merged with Deane’s firm three years ago, they moved into agency work. Now the company is part of a growing Irish games industry that Di Murro believe is a couple of decades from emulating the success of Irish animation, which is now globally feted and respected. Having so many tech giants in Ireland could certainly be a catalyst for rapid growth, with Google recently inviting Social Arcade to check out some of its innovations at its European headquarters in Dublin.

Doonbeg-pro-golf- Arcade games

According to Di Murro, this means there could be a massive, indigenous Irish games company within a few years,  adding that the government and the likes of Electronic Arts, which has offices in Ireland for purposes of localisation, should offer more support to make that a possibility.

They have games centred on the visits of Donald Trump and the Pope as well as Brexit and the Beast from the East.

The likes of Microsoft have partially developed games for Xbox in Ireland; legendary designer John Romero is hiring people in Galway, where he is now based; and Dublin-based strategy game maker Black Shamrock was acquired by a Chinese firm in 2017.

Neon Dunk is the highly played arcade game in Ireland

Arcade games
Neon-Dunk- Arcade games

As of now, Neon Dunk is the highly played arcade game in Ireland. It is a very challenging, survival-oriented timing-based game. It needs fast tapping skills in order to keep a basketball floating. The game is lost if the basketball touches the spikes.

This game was released in 2018 and developed by Ruslan Dzhumaev. It is an epic and challenging arcade game in which you must shoot a basketball through a series of neon hoops. This might sound easy but it is really difficult and you must work really hard to direct your basketball and prevent it from hitting the spikes at the top and bottom of the screen.

You must get the basketball through each hoop – if you miss a hoop, you have to restart from the beginning! There are also gold stars that you can collect – be careful, however, don’t try and go for a gold star and end up missing the basket! This game is endless so you must simply see how many baskets you can score –

This is challenging gameplay where you get a higher score each time you get a clean dunk.

You can test your skill by collecting the stars. Use the left/right arrow or left click to move the ball. Score one Neon Dunk after another in this fun basketball game. Tap the sides of the screen to make the ball bounce in the right direction. You mustn’t miss any of the hoops. Don’t bounce too high or too low, or the sharp spikes will puncture your ball!

You can play this game free at many online casinos on your PC or your mobile.

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These are a few Arcade games that the Irish punters love to play at the online casinos.

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