Major Millions

Major Million slot game

The major needs you to join the army and lead it to win the progressive jackpot. Microgaming’s Major Millions is a 5-reel progressive jackpot slot with 15 paylines. It sports a military theme and all of the game’s symbols are military-related. Check out medals, secret documents, a fighter plane, a box of ammunition, a tank, and the major himself (No enemy soldiers? Nevermind that and let’s just focus on winning the jackpot.).

The 5-reel, 15 payline setup reminds slot fans that this slot game carries the back to basics approach. The great thing about Major Millions in terms of the progressive jackpot concept is that while it has 15 paylines, it doesn’t have different types of paylines.

The minimum bet of this slot game is $.20 with the maximum bet being 300 coins, in order to be in for the progressive jackpot, you need to trump up a minimum of 3 coins. Keep in mind that this is a progressive jackpot slot game which makes the chances of winning even bigger.

The Gameplay

Major Millions can be played in 2 game modes, namely: the Regular Mode and Expert Mode. Slot players will not even mind which mode they choose, however, the Expert Mode will include the auto play so you can sit back and relax. You just need to determine the coin size you’re wagering then watch the reels spin for the win.

Special symbols are the Major Millions logo that represents the Wild and the big explosion is the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol will substitute for other symbols except for the Scatter; the Major Millions logo will also give you a 3x multiplier.

Major Million reels

Major Millions is one of Microgaming’s classic slot games. It doesn’t have bonus games but the progressive jackpot is what entices both veteran slot soldiers and new recruits. The Wild symbol is your best bet when it comes to winning the jackpot.

You need to land 5 Major Million symbols on payline 15 which start at the bottom left hand corner and zigzags its way on the lower right hand corner of the reels. Check the current total jackpot prize that is shows on the top of the reels.

The Verdict

Slot fans consider Major Millions as an old reliable when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. It’s like playing Super Mario on your video game console, it’s old but you enjoy playing it because of its great graphics and superb sound effects.

Another great thing about Major Millions is that even if it’s a progressive jackpot slot, newbie slot players will learn and enjoy playing it. We recommend Major Millions for its entertainment factor and the progressive jackpot factor it offers.

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