Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker
Cyber Stud Jackpot Slot

Showcase your slick poker skills by playing Cyberstud Poker. This progressive poker video slot game where you need to match your skills with the dealer by playing a standard deck of 52 cards which are shuffled before the poker duel begins.

Players will try to bet high on winning hands and bet low on your losers. Cyberstud Poker is not your usual poker video slot game, it is enhanced with jackpot payouts for any hand of a flush or better and a huge progressive jackpot if get lucky enough to hit the royal flush.

This progressive slot is based on the regular version of Cyberstud Poker that is also known as Caribbean Stud Poker. It means in this slot, there is a compulsory jackpot wager of 1 credit, which is automatically placed for each player by the house apart from the player’s regular bet.

Game features

Game Features
Game Features

The theme of this game displays a poker table with the Cyberstud Poker inscription on it. The difference between the regular game’s version and the progressive jackpot is that there is a fixed-value wager that is linked to each hand played that qualifies the player for the game’s progressive jackpot.

Progressive Cyberstud Poker is one of the most popular and preferred poker variations offered by online casinos that feature the software of Microgaming.

The rules follow the standard poker rules, but the players are facing the dealer, instead of other players. With amazing graphics and sounds guaranteed for the real poker game, you will get an excellent experience that offers the chance of winning a massive jackpot.

How to play the game

Cyber Stud poker
Cyber Stud poker

The goal, on the other hand, is the same as in the standard Cyberstud Poker game – to compile the best five-card hand possible. The game is played with a standard deck consistent with 52 cards. There are no wild cards available. The cards are instantly shuffled before every deal.

You will see many controls provided to players at the bottom of the screen. The options are “Hold”, “Call” and “Deal”, respectively. In addition, there is a required “side bet” that amounts to 1 credit required before each round. In addition, there is also an “ante” bet.

The Deal button triggers the start of the gameplay and the player receives a total of five cards. Only one card is dealt with by the dealer. After receiving the cards and considering the situation, the player is required to make a decision whether they want to proceed to play the hand, or not.

If you choose to stop playing, you need to press the “Fold” option. By choosing this option, they lose the “ante” bet. If you choose to continue playing the hand, you need to place a bet in front of their ante. Then the dealer receives four additional cards in order to make a hand of five cards. The winner in the game is the one that has a better hand.

The dealer does not qualify in case their hand include a combination of at least Ace-King. In such cases, the players win their wager automatically. However, in case the dealer qualifies, the hand is played out. If the player wins, their prize will be paid in compliance with Progressive Cyberstud Poker’s payout table. They will also be returned the double ante bet’s amount.

Progressive Jackpot

Game Features
Game Features

The progressive jackpot is exactly why the game has become one of the most liked and preferred by players all over the world. It is also what actually makes it different from the standard game’s version.

The amount of the progressive jackpot is always displayed at the top of the screen.

The Progressive Jackpot in Progressive Cyberstud Poker is won in case you manage to make a Royal Flush hand of any type.

In addition, you are also given the opportunity to win a part of the progressive jackpot by hitting any hand of a flush and better. For example, the Straight Flush hand gets a payout of 20,000 coins, the Four of a Kind is granted a prize of 5,000 coins, the Full House hand gets 100 credits and the Flush hands are granted a prize of 50 credits.

The Verdict

If you’re bored with the classic poker game, then you need to try Cyberstud Poker to enhance the gameplay. The detailed graphics and quality sound effects have reinvented the game of poker. The exciting feature about Cyberstud Poker is it’s a progressive video slot that allows you to rake in bigger wins. We recommend Cyberstud Poker for players who want more out of their regular poker games.


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