Mayan Bingo Review: A Quest for Golden Jackpots

Are you an avid bingo player looking for a more exciting version? Read our review of Mayan Bingo.

Mayan Bingo
Mayan Bingo

Bingo games shouldn’t be boring, most of us usually see the classic slots machines and then give it a try, but ignore casino classics like a game of bingo. Microgaming’s Mayan Bingo is a fun spin on the classic game. It’s a Mayan-themed bingo game with lavish graphics and exhilarating sound effects. Young and old bingo fans will get a kick and be more enthusiastic about playing this game.

The game is very simple, it automatically searched for each matching number, and then if you score 14 winning combinations and the pattern that has the highest value, you’re an instant winner. Mayan Bingo applies the usual bingo game rules and mechanics enhanced by Microgaming’s trademark graphics and sounds. The payouts are determined by different patterns covered on the cards. With this in mind, players can expect exciting gameplay from Mayan Bingo.

The Gameplay

Mayan Bingo jumpstarts your bingo bets with 30 balls falling from above to the steps of a Mayan pyramid. These balls line up: 28 balls are yellow and 2 balls are white. The game will search your cards and put a mark on every number that matches. Hit 14 winning bingo combinations and win a prize.

Every number and letter combination is slowly drawn and you will be notified by a zoom-in shot of your winning cards. Check the bottom of your card for the total amount you’ve won. Mayan drums began to sound when you’re a single number away from a win. This is one of the highlights of the gameplay as Microgaming’s signature graphics and sounds compliment the gameplay.

Mayan Bingo will offer you various payout levels. The simple single-line win pays out 50 times your original wager. The grand prize would be an awesome 50,000 times your wager. Match all 15 numbers on a single card with only 28 yellow balls to win the grand prize. Be sure to buy 10 additional balls to achieve a number of matches.

The Verdict

Microgaming always delivers in terms of state-of-the-art graphics and sounds. Mayan Bingo is proof that Microgaming is a genius in combining these elements in every creative theme. This creative spin of bingo gives hefty payouts and a generous number of ways to win. Give it a try if you want a great bingo game experience.

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